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Total Laboratory Automation: Taking It from Dream to Reality

New technologies based on manufacturing automation are now making hospital clinical laboratories into profit centers. With lower reimbursement rates seemingly looming around every corner, clinical laboratories recently have had to focus on lowering the unit cost of tests and improving the workflow of increasingly complicated lab operations. Thanks to advances in technology, informatics, and computer speed and capabilities over the last decade, total lab automation (TLA) offers a possible cost-saving solution. However, acquiring such cutting-edge technology in these times of fiscal and capital restraint may be hard for many hospitals to imagine.


Phlebotomy Automation System - BC ROBO

BC ROBO, invented and developed by Techno Medica is a unique machine. Based on the test order from the LIS/HIS, BC ROBO automatically chooses the necessary primary tubes, creates bar-code labels, labels the tubes, abd then collects them into an individual kit for wach patient. Tubes are prefectly bar-coded before phlebotomy, completely eliminating the human error factor generated in the pre-analyticl phase. Advanced handling methods with the awesome speed of 1,440 tubes (360kits) per hour increases productivity while perfecting speciment and patient identification.