GASTAT 1800 series

Brand: Techno Medica (Japan)
Mid to High Volume

Techno Medica; easy-to-use whole blood gas system lets you perform time sensitive diagnostic tests efficiently and accurately, in central laboratory or at the point of care.

Gastat 1800 series is the latest edition in Techno Medica blood gas system, With  the newly improved sample loading time, approximately 7 sec, it can smoothen your ongoing critical workflow at all time,  This new technology realize to shorten Turn Around Time up to 53% bringing innovation to blood gas analysis.

The Gastat 1800 series provide most of the essential parameters in critical care test, making it an ideal choice for your needs

Newly developed Cal Cartridge with AQC for Gastat 1800 series, is design for the smoothness on your blood gas operation. The Gastat 1800 series will automatically saves QC data and displays Levy Jennings chart. In addition, quality control is completely automated, so you can schedule it according to your needs

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Low Volume (Portable)

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Ideal For
  • Core Laboratory
  • Hospital Laboratory
  • Integrated Delivery Network
Mid to High Volume

Evolution in blood gas analysis towards new stage innovative proposal by Techno Medica-Japan. The system offers smart and informative self-diagnostic function provides various kinds of...

Ideal For

– Core Laboratory
– Hospital Laboratory
– Integrated Delivery Network

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