Utas Maju at Glance

Utas Maju Sdn. Bhd. (UMSB) was registered in June 1993. Since its inception, the Company dedicated itself in healthcare industry; specifically in the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) field; with major activities of supplying equipments, instrumentations and consumables to laboratories all around the country.  In 2003, the Company; led by its Managing Director, Mr. Adnan Md. Noh; decided to further establish itself by setting up a proper business organization. The Company formed its own Financial, Operation & Technical Service Department, to serve the growing market demands – besides preparing the fundamentals for more challenging future. The Company had also begun adding it agencies line; which provides more products, services & solutions to the customers.

Being a distributor, UMSB always works for a long term and sustainable partnership with its principals and also the customers. For all agencies, the Company has become the sole distributor for the brands it carries – with an agreed business target and strategic plan to achieve it.  The Company will bring the systems, products and services to the market; with an innovation to the solutions that can be offered; usually for direct purchase or using the comprehensive reagent rental or leasing program that is suit with the economic scale of the customers. The Company will provide effective and efficient after sales service e.g. the application support, the technical service; apart of continuous sales and marketing activities.

Our Mission

Providing technologically advanced products tailored to meet customers need and satisfaction at affordable price. The whole organization will fulfill this mission by giving extra effort to provide service and expertise to meet customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

  • We responsible to the customers we serve and all those who use our services and products.
  • We must continuously strive to meet the customer’s requirement, both in products we sell and services that we provide.
  • We must meet our customers’ requirements through ‘Towards Excellent Customer Service’.
  • Customer’s orders must be served promptly and accurately.

Core Values

Customer Focus

We committed to add values to our product and services build enduring relationship with our customer’s satisfaction.
We support our system & process to achieve excellent customer services and create loyal customers.
We deliver our product & services to the right price.


We always provide the best service to our customer without compromising the quality.
We are responsible to act fast an meeting deadline with accuracy and efficient.
We are sensitive to our customer needs.


We are constantly improving knowledge as a professional in ensuring the priority to our customers is achieved.
We maintain our professionalism, creativity and skills at the highest level possible.
We share our knowledge to complement each other and improve ourselves towards a consultative team.


We work as a team with strong communication and synchronize all information within our team and customers.
We make full use of our skills and give full commitment to our team.
Each individual contribute towards the team effort We honor our customers a s our partner.
We recruit, we develop and we retain our staff.


We focus in developing our team with core values, shared goals & passion with a purpose to align them with a direction.
We inspire our team to be creative, innovative and vibrant.
We are passion driven organization.
We initiate our vision, we don’t follow others.


We value the honesty within individuals and company.
We believe in doing the right things in the right way, with honor and sincerity.
We hold the policy of responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, consistency and full of discipline.